Virtual Reality Technology:

Virtual Discovery (VIDI) is your expert for mixed reality experiences, virtual reality apps, multi player virtual reality arenas, interactive and immersive visualisations. Using Virtual Reality (VR),
Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality, Virtual Discovery platform creates experiential and engaging
retail virtual reality worlds for unique shopper experiences, where customers can immerse themselves
and interact with your brand and products.

Strengthen your brand experience

From exclusive events to large-scale campaigns –
the possibilities are endless and our imagination
knows no bounds.

Create unique customer experiences

Create unique virtual worlds of experience to
simulate scenarios and situations
Deliver immersive virtual gamifications
With a lot of passion and attention to detail, we
create unique virtual game worlds that provide lots
of action, fun and emotions for young and old.

XR Consulting

Immerse your customers, partners and employees in your product portfolio and offer unprecedented presentations. We help you create sustainable and exceptional experiences with virtual reality that make a significant contribution to your digital transformation.

Virtual reality is nothing without first-class, professional and individual content. We are storytellers, art directors, 3D artists, game and motion designers who create impressive experiences from your requirements. Request a demo without obligation and convince yourself of our work.

XR Content

XR Development

We develop interactive virtual reality applications and games on the most popular platforms and for almost all head-mounted displays. Depending on the requirements, we optimise your VR app for use on ultra-mobile all-in-one devices or high-end hardware for the maximum realistic experience.